When phytòn, the plant, joins the medical science, the phytotherapy comes over . It is a subject that studies plants and their active substances in order to treat and prevent several diseases which involve body and soul. Not only humans’ diseases are studied but even the ones of the cats and dogs, thanks to accurate combinations of the plants properties.

Being bounded to the ground, plants have developed strong defensive systems to survive against fungi, virus, insects, microbes attacks and even the ones of the UV radiations, by protecting themselves and producing anti-oxidant substances, such as polyphenol: flavonols, flavones, catechins, flavonoids, anthocyanins and flavonoids.

The man, who lives on the same ground of the plants, although it is masked by a floor or a road, as well as cats and dogs, which live with him, needs of macro-nutrients such as proteins, carbs, fats, fibers and minerals, but he also needs of micro-nutrients such as vitamins, oligo elements, essential fat acids, enzymes and anti-oxidant phytonutrients.

The diet is the basis of the homeostasis, that is the body’s ability to maintain a perfect state of health and the connection between plants and the man who has to choose even for his four-legged friends. Thus born the nutraceutical, which is the food-medicine.

The active principles of plants, with curative abilities, can be found on the leaves, in the flower or fruit, and are called aerial parts, or into the root and rhizome, that are called underground parts. Taking these extracts is helpful to regulate the body’s immune response on several diseases such as dermatitis, skin rash, pyoderma, hotspot, conjunctivitis, intestinal problems, oral cavity and upper respiratory tract disorders, ear disorders.

The active principles of the plants are also useful for helping the body to defend itself from cellular attacks of the xenobiotics substances: the pollutants, introduced through food. They, even protect from diseases related to electromagnetic radiations, fine dust, radioactive gases like radon.

An antioxidant diet offers to the body, over those precious protective agents, the amount required of micro and macro nutrients.

The phytoextracts with specific nutrients, not packaged by chemical agents and the integration of Omega 3,are among the fundamental principles on the SANYpet FORZA10 diets. SANYpet joins, the skills of a big family, who work on food intolerance diseases from 20 years, with the abilities of Gianandrea Guidetti, researcher and a leading expert of herbal medicine in livestock farming.

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