FAQ Reading the label

Product name and description, composition, analytical constituents, information on additives, the date of minimum durability, batch number, producer’s or distributor’s name and contact details if further information is needed, use of the product, weight and/or quantity.

This wording, which may refer for example to fats or protein, means an increase or a reduction of them by at least 15%. In fact, for specific needs, some pets may need variations of that kind.

They are compound foods that, due to their composition, are enough for one daily ration. They bring all the nutrients the pet needs every day, if he is fed as indicated.

They are foods that have a high content of some substances but, for their composition, they are enough for a daily ration only if they are associated with other foods. The food is destined to be associated to another or could be a snack or treat for your pet to help maintaining him in good health, or for his oral care / hygiene.

It is the total amount of a specific food that is necessary every day on average to a pet of a species, an age category, a lifestyle or activity, in order to meet all his energy and nutritional needs.

“X flavored”

“X flavor”

0% of the major declared component, the taste derives from the flavoring substance.

It is necessary to declare the added quantity of flavoring substance.

E.g.: Additives: Sensory additives: beef extract X mg/kg.

“Flavored with X” >0%, but less than 4% of the major declared component.
“With X”

“Contains X”

At least of 4% of the declared substance or at least 4% of each declared substance.
“Rich in X”

“High in X”

“With extra X”

“On X”

At least 14% of the declared substance or at least 14% of each declared substance.

E.g.: “High content in chicken with rice” has at least 14% of chicken and 4% of rice.

“High content in chicken and rice” has at least 14% of chicken and 14% of rice.

“Trade name X”

“X Menu”

“X Meal”

At least 26% of the declared substance or of any declared substance

E.g.: “Trade name beef and chicken” has at least 26% of beef and 26% of chicken

“All X”

“Only X”

All the substances, without any other ingredient, with the exception of authorized additives, nutritional supplements and process water.
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