Bio and Vegan


The world we live in is sick, polluted and angry. This is undeniable. However, we can’t live in a bubble, and that’s why we are called on every single day to make choices that are healthy for our bodies, our conscience and our planet. We also have the responsibility to make this choice for those who live alongside us — our beloved cats and dogs. 

Our mission at SANYpet – FORZA10, “Well-Being Through Nutrition”, is a challenge that we strive to live up to every day. All the FORZA10 diets adhere to indispensable principles: quality of raw materials, at the cost of going to the ends of the world to find them, the use of herbal remedies, the strict exclusion of chemical elements, among them, enemy #1 — oxytetracycline and cruelty free ethics.

But the perfectionists among us would not rest until we put our knowledge and experience together to create an organic product that surpassed even our high standards. Our quest for the best is how the Bio Line was born.

Bio means an even greater number of controls and certified quality, together with the health standard that already distinguished our diets. No synthesized appetizers substances or product from genetic engineering, natural conservation, a palatability guaranteed from the high quality raw materials, the best balancing of Omega6 and Omega3, with the integration of the properties that nature has provided, like the Ascophyllum nodosum algae, characterized by a high amount of polysaccharides, useful to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cats.

To say this is not us, but CCPB srl body surveillance, an organism that derives its activity and experience by the Consortium for the Control of Biological Products Soc. Coop, with the duty to assure that the food production is carried out in compliance with the strictest regulations concerning organic production and labeling of organic products. In addition to this certification is added the DNV (ISO 9001:2008) for all the chain. It’s representing the guarantee that the whole process, from the research phase to the commercialization, through the production and the packaging of all foods, is being controlled and managed at qualitative level.

All of it, takes place in a factory, based in Bagnoli di Sopra, Padua (Italy), specifically built with the intention to make organic foods. Therefore, no conversion was made. It also has been approved by the CCPB, obtaining not only the eligibility for organic food production but also dietary and maintenance.

Overcome every control and obtained certification, to slip on the bowl of dogs and cats are two types of Bio foods.

Every Day Bio

It’s the line that fully respect all the characters since expressed here, ensuring an excellent supply of nutrients and keeping the dog in perfect shape over time.

Vegetal Bio

Vegetal Bio is a vegan diet, absolutely free of raw materials coming from animal. This food is particularly indicated for deprivation diet, for those pets who manifest particular intolerance or problematic and the need for a time lapse of the feed with a power supply of this kind. Dog, as omnivorous, live well this diet from the psycho-physical point of view , while for cat, strictly carnivorous, It is to be considered as a supplementary diet. Therefore, it must be integrated with meat, at least one or two times a week, to assume the required amount of vitamin D3, carnitine and taurine, absent element in the vegetable diets. The lack of these essential elements for a carnivore, they are manifested in subtle, creeping and when you highlight it may be too late to correct it.

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