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As an international expert in food-borne diseases, I’ve dedicated forty years of my life to discover and cure the various causes of the many inflammatory, chronic and autoimmune diseases that affect our beloved pets. My loyal “pack” of collaborators has been growing during the years and transformed into “SANYpet Research and Development Center”, an advanced laboratory that has developed specific and transferable skills. Thanks to the support of renowned universities and research centers, we received scientific confirmation of what in the very beginning was considered to be a “simple theory” — that the main cause for most common food diseases is the presence of toxic residues of oxytetracycline, an antibiotic that is widely and legally used in intensive farming.

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  • My dog used to suffer from a mild form of dermatitis because of a food intolerance: he scratched himself a lot and he lost his hair from his muzzle and belly. Since I started using FORZA10 Dermo Active he doesn’t even look like the same dog! I decided to change his diet after accurate researches online and chose Dermo Active: his hitching stopped in a matter of days and his fur grew back in some weeks: now Aslan is really beautiful and full of life. – Marco

    DERMO Active
  • Last year my cat started having gastrointestinal problems – mainly vomit – and under my veterinarian’s supervision I started giving him FORZA10 Intestinal Active: he immediately got better! I keep feeding him this diet because it’s rich in selected nutritional ingredients!! – Silvia

  • What can I say, my dog suffered (yeah, he really suffered) because of inflamed gums: I brought him lots of times to the vet, gave him many antibiotics and NSAIDs, but there was nothing to be done, he never got better. It was pure serendipity that made me discover FORZA10 Oral Active, surfing the web: well, in a couple of months everything got back to normal, no more inflamed gums, no more pain. I want to thank you because you literally saved my dog. – Giuseppe

    ORAL Active
  • I have one Cane Corso and 3 Chihuahuas and I decided to give Legend a try: I have to say it’s really tasty, so much so that I can barely put it in their bowls and they’re already wolfing it down! Finally I found a food that I can give to all my dogs and that suits them, first of all: in my opinion, it is one of the best foods out there! – Gabriela

    LEGEND Maintenance Evolution SKIN
  • A great tasting product of the highest quality, like all SANYpet’s foods: it solved my dog’s digestive problems, that had been going on for years and had never been properly solved, not even using other brands’ more expensive curative foods. – Elena

    LEGEND Maintenance Evolution DIGESTION
  • My dog has had skin problems since a very young age, that only grew worse when he entered into contact with dust or during periods of acute stress. The only food that keeps this situation under control is FORZA10 Medium Diet Fish, that my veterinary suggested to me. My dog loves it. – Giulio

    MEDIUM Diet Fish
  • My cat suffered from urinary tract disorders for many weeks because of the wrong diet, with Forza10 she’s now almost back to normal and over time they’ll help prevent relapses. – Manuela

    RENAL Active
  • Armonia turned out to be a brilliant solution, even though my youngster, Oscar, usually prefers wet food to dry food. He likes it most when I mix it with wet food (especially tuna, lamb, horse, venison from the Diet line) and I have to admit that – even if he’s still a bit hyperactive (but how could it be any different, he’s barely 12 months old!) – he barks a lot less when there are noises or other elements of disturbance. His stools are perfect and his coat healthy and shiny. Without a doubt, we’ll stay on this track! – Massimiliano

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